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The Evolving World of Market Research

Posted: March 25, 2009 by Ben Smithee in SXSW, Uncategorized
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There is no denying the fact that the market research industry is evolving and changing.

For the most part, we are finally past the days of leaving a facility with a stack of audio cassettes and VHS!  I could not help but get a kick out of the amount of e-mails I received touting the new capabilities of digital audio and video recordings.  Maybe it is the Gen Y part of our company culture, but I feel as market researcher in such an innovative environment, our industry should be at the cutting edge of advancement.  On the flip side, I believe if our clients were demanding that innovation and “push of the envelope” we would have been forced to change as an industry,many moons ago.

That being said, it is such a positive sign to see our clients and companies embracing innovative technology and methodologies! Seeing companies like Skittles and Tide take the leap into SM through Twitter s a sign researchers must be able to use and harness the power of SM.  Just this past week at #sxsw we were able to implement social media such as Twitter and Facebook into the complete market research process.  Starting with recruiting respondents, progressing through an interactive digital deliverable, we were able to incorporate different elements of social media and “web 2.0” applications to fully give our client an in-depth view of their target market.

As more and more companies begin to reach out to us and others about social media and other ways of advancing their voice, it will be interesting to see the way the MR industry responds.  Afterall, when you can incorporate blended techniques and methods to provide a plethora of rich insights to your clients, doing less would be a dis-service.  We are constantly evolving and findin new ways of gaining insights, so if you see something new and creative please share it with us!  We love hearing from companies and people who can help us offer enhanced solutions to our clients and on the other side, we welcome any questions that you may have!  That is truly the essence of what the SM “revolution” is about – a platform for universal info-sharing and collaboration!

If you are interested in finding out more regarding SM tools and how they can effectively be applied, try and join us at the AMA Beyond Borders Summit on April 15th of the DFW UPA Big (D)esign Conference on May 30th.  Ben Smithee will be speaking about SM 101 and ways that you can apply different tools in your own company culture and daily life, as well as tools that you can use to add value for your clients.  He will also tackle the ever-present challenge of showing the conversion and monetization aspects of SM.

We had an amazing time at this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival!

Having the chance to speak with so many attendees and speakers was enjoyable and allowed us to form some new relationships as well.  Many of you have already inquired about video clips from our interviews, and we will be posting those as soon as possible.  Keep watching for great interviews with Penelope Trunk (@PenelopeTrunk) and Ryan Paugh (@PaughGinney) from the Brazen team, Elysa Rice (@elysa) from, Shama Hyder (@Shama) from Shama TV as well as special footage from the popular #GenY panel – “Why Gen Y Won’t Friend Your Brand.”  A special thanks to John Snowden (@johnfilm), our videographer for the festival.  John did an amazing job and we look forward to working with him in the future.

The SXSW experience was definitely different than most projects that we encounter.  Being in an environment built on collaboration and innovative technology was very inspiring and truly fit the essence of Spych.  We met several people who are strong potential partners, as well as many who would be very interested in becoming a member of the Spych Consumer Team.

Our landing page launched on the first day of SXSW, which was very exciting!  The Singularity team did a wonderful job, and we hope that you will visit it and sign up for more information and updates –  Please continue to check back, as we will begin to upload video clips and updates pertaining to upcoming events!

– Ben

“Sleep When You’re 30”

Posted: March 14, 2009 by Ben Smithee in SXSW
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Had a really great time at #SXSW yesterday!

After trying to get past the overwhelming being that is #sxsw festival, I finally started to digest it piece by piece.  Tried to check out all of the ACC and get my bearings.  The Interviews started off great and continued to be throughout the day.  Had a great session with Elysa Rice (@elysa) from GenPINK,  and got some great stuff we can use for Big(D).  I am definitely growing more and more excited about it day after day.

After the sessions ended, we met for dinner and Elysa introduced us to Nisha Chittal (@nishachittal) and Ryan Paugh (@paughginney) at Stubbs BBQ!  Good food and great company.  The Brazen team really knows what’s up and is doing some great things.  Both Nisha and Ryan were fun to hangout with and seem to fit in well with the overall mantra of SXSW – The sharing of info and creating new relationships.  If you haven’t checked out Brazen, you definitely should –

After dinner, we hit downtown for all of the evening events.  The Belmont, Roux, Agave and even grabbed some pizza at Death Metal Pizza.  The lesson of the day comes from a mix of Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) and Elysa – It’s a marathon, not a sprint – Drink more water than normal, eat more protein, and the coolest parties are the ones you are not invited to.  “sleep when you’re 30”

Trade Show opens today – Looking forward to it after lunch with the Brazen team

SXSW – 3-12-09

Posted: March 13, 2009 by Ben Smithee in SXSW
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So we finally made it down to SXSWi !!!

Dave and Elizabeth’s plane was late getting in because of the bad weather in Dallas.  I was hoping to escape the cold leaving PA and coming to TX, but no such luck.  Oh well, it should warm up on sunday.

We started our trip and somewhere after Waco, we got a flat tire.  So, we pull over off of 35 and the only place that is halfway solid to change the flat is a cattle auction!  I changed our flat as cows stared intensely.   Quite comical and could have been worse.  None the less, we made it down to Austin, met with Hugh, got our badges and camera tags allowing us to film on-site and began to interview.

You should definitely follow along with our short clips at –

You can also continue to follow our real-time feed by following us on Twitter – @spychresearch

More to come as tomorrow is the first official day!!

SXSW Updates

Posted: March 4, 2009 by Ben Smithee in SXSW
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First, a look at the new Spych logo:

I have been in contact with some prominent social media figures and we are excited to interview them down in Austin.  Throughout the festival you can keep up with where we are and what we are doing by following us ok twitter: @spychresearch

Got to touch base with Elysa last night for our presentation coming up in May for the DFW UPA Conference, and we have some great ideas in motion.  We will be posting more information as we begin to formalize our presentation.

@Elysa also gave me a great recommendation – Chris Brogan’s( @chrisbrogan“If I started Today” – which inspired me to reach out to Chris about SXSW.  After a few tweets back and forth it looks like we will be meeting up down in Austin.  If you have not looked him up, definitely do so!

If you plan on being down in Austin for the festival let us know – @spychresearch – and we would definitely like to meet you!

More to come….

So Much to Update!

Posted: March 2, 2009 by Ben Smithee in Uncategorized
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This past week was an amazing week!

I was in TX and had several extremely productive meetings!  I reconnected with some current contacts and made several new potential partners and friends for Spych.  A couple updates at a glance:

  • Spych at SXSW interviewing attendees, speakers, panel members
  • Ben to speak at 2009 DFW UPA Big (D)esign Conference at the Art Institute of Dallas – May 30th co-presenting with Elysa Rice of
  • Additional potential speaking engagements – AMA Beyond Borders, AMA Market Research SIG
  • Met with Michaela Mora who will be working with the Spych team for the SXSW festival – Excellent Quant researcher
  • Further developed relationship with Zachry Associates – great things to come!!!
  • John Snowden – will be the lead videographer for the SXSW Spych Interviews – Check out his great work!!
  • Several new potential partners interested in Social Media and Marketing Spych workshops

Those just to name a few, plus more exciting news and updates as they develop!

In addition, We are soon to reveal the new look for Spych!  We should receive final materials from Singularity – the new look is great and we hope that you will be equally excited about it!

We have also made many new friends on Twitter and hope to get the chance to interview some key bloggers and social media gurus down in Austin.  If you are going to attend SXSW follow us – spychresearch – on twitter and get the latest updates!

All for now!!