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SXSW – 3-12-09

Posted: March 13, 2009 by Ben Smithee in SXSW
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So we finally made it down to SXSWi !!!

Dave and Elizabeth’s plane was late getting in because of the bad weather in Dallas.  I was hoping to escape the cold leaving PA and coming to TX, but no such luck.  Oh well, it should warm up on sunday.

We started our trip and somewhere after Waco, we got a flat tire.  So, we pull over off of 35 and the only place that is halfway solid to change the flat is a cattle auction!  I changed our flat as cows stared intensely.   Quite comical and could have been worse.  None the less, we made it down to Austin, met with Hugh, got our badges and camera tags allowing us to film on-site and began to interview.

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More to come as tomorrow is the first official day!!