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This past Friday was the DFW AMA Market Research SIG meeting and I was asked by Paul Maynard of Zachry Associates to present.  The meeting was absolutely great!  To start with, the attendance was phenomenal we had over 40 people in attendance and everyone was engaging and excited to learn and share!

The presentation Keynote is has been uploaded to and can be found here.  Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or comments!  In fact, @me on twitter, or even give me a call on my cell – 215-501-2341.  I would love to hear from you and know what I can help you do with your business!

So, what’s coming up?  I am in talks with the Dallas Executive Women’s Group for a future presentation, and this Friday and Saturday is the much anticipated DFW Big (D)esign Conference!!!  I am so excited to meet everyone coming to the conference and the pre-conference mixer at Cohabitat in Dallas.  Elysa Rice and I have been working hard and will be prepared to meet the challenges and questions our audience has for the 10AM session.

All of you qualitative researchers out there: If you are not a member of QRCA – You SHOULD be!! Go check it out  I am very active and would love to speak with you about it if you have any questions!

Last but definitely not least, I will be in the Bay Area in SF on June 3-5 and am planning to meet for an awesome event with Jenny Blake @jenny_blake, Jun Loayza @junloayza, Jamie Varon @jamievaron and a ton more!  The tweetup is going to be amazing and if you live in or plan on being in SF area, you have to come to the tweetup on June 4th!

Until next time!



As I wind down from the American Marketing Association Beyond Borders Summit, I wanted to let you know what all occurred.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak to a wonderful group of marketers, advertisers, researchers, communicators and more!  The turnout for our Social Media related to marketing was amazing!  We had a full room with some folks waiting in the doorway!  So, thanks to everyone that was able to make it out and make this such a success.  There were tons of great questions and feedback.  The DFW AMA team was such a pleasure to work with and their excitement and eagerness to grow and enhance makes their organization a great opportunity for both the young professional or soon to be college grad, and the seasoned pro!

The best part about the summit was the opportunity to meet so many tremendous people.  Having the chance to sit down and speak with great people like  Rhonda Shasteen from Mary Kay,  Xiaoyan from GfK Roper, and JoAnne Crist from Neiman Marcus was amazing.  Another great thing about the summit was running into other young successful professionals like Michelle Williams, Wes Bates and Landon Sloan.  Their dedication and passion for making a difference is definitely inspiring and encourages me to keep pressing forward to set new standards.

If you missed the Summit and are interested in seeing what AMA is all about, you’re in luck!

The DFW AMA Market Research SIG is meeting on May 22!  Paul Maynard from Zachry Associates is hosting the meeting and it will be a great opportunity for young professional and students to meet and talk with seasoned industry pros and hopefully everyone will learn something new!  I am honored with the opportunity to speak to the group about market research and how social media and the web2.0 world can be applied.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and I will post more info about the meeting as soon as I receive the specifics!

So Much to Update!

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This past week was an amazing week!

I was in TX and had several extremely productive meetings!  I reconnected with some current contacts and made several new potential partners and friends for Spych.  A couple updates at a glance:

  • Spych at SXSW interviewing attendees, speakers, panel members
  • Ben to speak at 2009 DFW UPA Big (D)esign Conference at the Art Institute of Dallas – May 30th co-presenting with Elysa Rice of
  • Additional potential speaking engagements – AMA Beyond Borders, AMA Market Research SIG
  • Met with Michaela Mora who will be working with the Spych team for the SXSW festival – Excellent Quant researcher
  • Further developed relationship with Zachry Associates – great things to come!!!
  • John Snowden – will be the lead videographer for the SXSW Spych Interviews – Check out his great work!!
  • Several new potential partners interested in Social Media and Marketing Spych workshops

Those just to name a few, plus more exciting news and updates as they develop!

In addition, We are soon to reveal the new look for Spych!  We should receive final materials from Singularity – the new look is great and we hope that you will be equally excited about it!

We have also made many new friends on Twitter and hope to get the chance to interview some key bloggers and social media gurus down in Austin.  If you are going to attend SXSW follow us – spychresearch – on twitter and get the latest updates!

All for now!!