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A Clear Misunderstanding

Posted: April 14, 2009 by Ben Smithee in Social Media
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Almost everyday you can find some sort of example that portrays a company’s complete misunderstanding or lack of savvy when it comes to Gen Y or social media.  Yesterday…Amazon.

Personally, I am a fan of Amazon and have always looked to their site for books before going to any bookstore.  I read a great article from AdAge today that summarized the downturn in yesterday’s twittersphere.  For the article click here.   It is clear that Amazon was not coherently monitoring their social media presence and unfortunately missed an opportunity to really respond to a potential catastophy.  As the popularity for Amazon-bashing hastags began to rise, little response was seen until a few attempts to justify the situation were made by Amazon later on.  Again these attempts missed the mark and were received unfavorably and as insincere.

The lesson learned:

1) Monitor your presence

2) Social Media buzz matters!….especially if you are an online company 🙂

3) A sincere apology is always better than a twisted story to try and cover up a mistake

Another example is a bulk mail I received in my inbox today.  It was a research firm that is looking for companies like Spych and DGA to outsource work to them and bring them projects related to Gen Y.  They clearly missed the mark in few ways and any company that is savvy in the Gen Y/youth arena would have to sit back a get a good laugh at the ill-fated attempt.

1) Their means of a bulk e-mail – shows their lack of understanding of what should be done in regard to the youth and young adult markets and the companies that work in those markets.

2) The imagery on the e-mail was pretty funny, and did not match the Gen Y age group

3) The copy did nothing to entice me to want to find out more

4) This was one of several e-mails I get a month from this company touting some new service offering…not a company I would want to outsource a very niche project scope to.

So, whether you bake bread, sell mkting services, race cars or play music, it is important to be aware of the online world and know what is going on in the social media space.  A simple concept that many forget and choose to ignore.  It takes little effort and can provide dramatic insights and valuable information about your brand!

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