So, You Just Unwrapped Your New iPad at the MRA Corporate Researchers Conference? Here’s Where to Start!

Posted: September 21, 2011 by Ben Smithee in Market Research, Research Evolved, SMR, Social Media
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So, you just unwrapped that shiny new iPad here at the MRA Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago eh? Now, you’re looking for reasons to cover it with fingerprints, but you just don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my favorites and why I like them. Start here and let me know what you think. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments!

  • Tweetdeck – Free – the main Twitter utility I use. You can keep multiple search columns going, send tweets, follow trends, shorten links, all in one! Use it! Start a search column for #MRX and #CRC2011 and you’re off to the races!
  • Facebook – It’s really not just for college and high-school friends anymore. Download, play with it and understand what it is really about. It is changing the communications industries and is changing the world of Marketing Research….forever!
  • CRC Conference App – It’s really good! (Plus you can see my goofy face on the cover)
  • Flipboard – Really great app for consuming content
  • Mashable – the number one news source for social media and new tech news, I start every day reading the top stories from Mashable
  • Evernote – The way I keep track of all of those in-the-moment insights and thoughts I would usually end up forgetting. Great clipping feature and really useful for things that you need to follow-up with later
  • Dropbox – The software I use for large file size transfer. Since you have a limited amount of space on your ipad, use Dropbox to store your files in the cloud until you need them.
  • GoodReader – My favorite app for reading PDFs….I think it is the best!
  • Outlook Web Access – Great way to keep up with your email on the go!
  • CNN – Obvious
  • Sportscenter – I am a sports addict
  • Huffington Post – great news source
  • New York Times – I don’t need to explain anything here
  • Yelp – great for reviewing and looking at consumer insights about places!

What are your other favorites? Leave a comment with your favorites that I may have missed in the list! Enjoy the conference and don’t forget to say hello!!

Ben Smithee – (@SpychResearch on Twitter) or Find me on Facebook –

  1. Pinterest! Granted I think it’s geared more towards females but I am addicted!

  2. Chad Hinkle says:

    Thanks Ben! I like Hootsuite for social media and Noteshelf for handwritten notes. Also, I just got Apple’s wireless keyboard to take notes in FGs with my iPad. Highly recommended. Thanks again for the insight!

  3. Dan Quirk says:

    I’m a bit Biased….but I love the Quirk’s Marketing Research Review App…and it is free. Currently it has all the issues from 2011 and you get notified when a new issue is available for download. We also have our Researcher SourceBook directory of 7,000 research product and service providers available as part of the app.

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