SEEKing the Next Big Thing

Posted: March 6, 2010 by Ben Smithee in Market Research, QRCA
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SEEK Research Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking to the OH/IN/KY chapter of QRCA at SEEK Research’s new headquarters in Cincinnati. If you are ever planning on being in the Cincinnati area you definitely should drop by and check out their space! I posted several pictures and a video of their slide on our Spych Facebook page for your viewing….and laughter!  And, yes I meant it, a slide. We are not talking a little mini slide either, we are talking about a 2-story, 50/50 Olympic luge style slide! Go check out the videos!

What I want to talk about today though is the power of collaboration in finding something new. More and more, I think about the ideas of collaboration within the marketing research industry. In an industry where many successful icons are independent or members of small boutique firms, I am always shocked by the relatively small amount of collaboration that occurs. I personally enjoy working with other research firms and other moderators on projects, and feel like some of the most creative and successful projects are a result of collaboration.

After the meeting, I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple different great conversations with Jim Berling, Kendall Nash and Foster Winter. We talked about the art of collaboration and how our respective companies utilized collaboration to its fullest. Maybe it’s not always bringing in another researcher. Maybe it is bringing in a professional photographer for a project with photo junkies. Maybe it’s bringing in a linguistics expert or an artist? Who knows what types of creative folks you could bring into the mix to really enhance the project and value-added you bring to your client.

What types of creative collaboration have you brought to a project before?

What works, and what doesn’t?

What types of helpful hints can you give other researchers?

’til next time!



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