Research at The Speed of Life

Posted: February 27, 2010 by Ben Smithee in Research Evolved
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I really believe this is one of the most exciting times ever to be involved in qualitative research!

The way things have evolved over the past few years, paired with the immediate future, creates an extremely compelling environment for those of us involved on both the client and solutions sides of qualitative research.

Consumer opinions and insights are everywhere around us, and the most compelling part…. they are in real-time! Hence the title “Research at The Speed of Life”. For the first time, we are able to really sneak a peek at those Moment of Truth thoughts and decisions we as marketers and researchers hold so dear.

There has been so much buzz over things like “social media”, “MROCs” and “online research” lately, and rightfully so. This suite of tools and new methodologies has really taken the game of qual research up a notch.

Are you ready?

More importantly, are you willing?

We all know clients have increased their need for fast turnarounds and reporting. But, by leveraging the new tools in our toolbox, we can provide rich insights our clients can act upon quicker and more efficiently than ever. The other day one of my friends, Abby Leafe, sent out a message talking about the day we have a time machine to go back and do research in the past. I laughed, as we all know the feeling of everything on our plate needing to happen “yesterday”. However, if you think about it, are we that far away? No, we still have no flying car and definitely no time machine, but we do have the ability to go back and scan the “memory banks” of consumer records and and thought-streams like never before.

The ways in which we are becoming broadcasters of life changes the way we need to look at the consumer insights game. Suddenly, those previously patronized tweets about eating lunch and going to the bathroom take on new meaning and value. Those pictures and videos on Facebook and Youtube become more and more relevant, and the way in which we communicate online starts to become more and more interesting.

Our clients want to be involved in these new channels of communication. They want to be in the new word of mouth marketing streams, and they strive to learn the new rules of engagement for creating brand evangelists. It’s our job to take them there, demonstrate our capability to take their products and services to the next level and maintain a position of relevance in their customer’s minds.

So, I ask you again, are you ready?

Are you willing?

Thanks for reading!



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