QRCA 2009 (Post Day 1)

Posted: October 8, 2009 by Ben Smithee in Uncategorized

Waking up to a view of the mountains in a beautiful hotel full of some of the truly most brilliant minds in the qualitative research industry leaves little to be desired!  The beginning of my second ever QRCA Annual Conference has been phenomenal!  The amount of passion and experience that grace these conference rooms this week is a beautiful thing.

The week started with a great rad trip with Abby Leafe and Kate Wagenlander from LAX out here to Palm Springs.  Passing by the wind-farms, we soon arrived in the astonishing destination of Indian Wells.  Golf on Tuesday morning, a couple of online focus groups and the conference was off to a sprint!  Currently serving as the chair of the Pharma/Healthcare SIG and on the Member Benefits Taskforce I had the opportunity to be a part of the leadership meeting that took place yesterday AM and was somewhat in awe the whole time.  The direction I see QRCA going is something that excites me, and makes me want to continually help other researcher find their way to QRCA.  It really is an organization about Passion for a craft, Education for industry professionals and Motivation and Networking for its members, who are often lone wolves in the hectic life of market research.

I started the educational portion of the conference with a presentation from Ricardo Lopez and Dorrie Paynter on Social Media for Social Media in Business Develop and Marketing.  They did a great job!  Really solid job of laying down the basics, relating the information to the audience and keeping it REAL!  Ricardo is an expert in Hispanic research and is someone who I have begun to communicate with online quite often!  Dorrie is phenomenal and also has become a digital friend, that I have finally met IRL.

Nest up was the Annual Meeting led by our new President, Abby Leafe!  She did a wonderful job and is going to help lead QRCA to the next level!  Our new PR representation was introduced, and Matt really “gets it”.  I believe he will be a pivotal piece of enhancing the image and personality of QRCA as an organization.

Yesterday ended with the social evening and some of the most compelling pieces of QRCA were live and vibrant….the people factor!  QRCA is live and well and our members are more compelled to raise the bar by the minute!  If you have never been to conference before, you MUST check it out and see what I’m talking about!

The next few years are going to be an extremely exciting time for our industry and for QRCA.  The pulse of the conference is vibrant and the eagerness to lead the way is easily felt within the atmosphere here in Palm Springs!  We miss all of the QRC’s that could not make it!

Look for another update with pictures and some video soon 🙂

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