QRCA 2009

Posted: October 5, 2009 by Ben Smithee in Uncategorized

Tomorrow, Spych heads to Palm Springs CA for the 2009 QRCA Annual Conference!

It will be a chance to interact and learn with other industry-leading qualitative researchers from around the globe!  Last year’s conference in Ft. Lauderdale was a great experience and a wonderful chance to network and see what the latest product and service offerings were as well.

This year, I will be presenting on “New Market Research” utilizing the Social Web and Social Media tools for qualitative research.  Elizabeth and I are looking forward to meeting several friends and moderators in-person and catching up with those who we have not had a chance to see since last year’s conference.  It will truly be a meeting of the minds for the qualitative research industry.

In preparing for the conference this year, I have thought about different ways to provide feedback and bridges to those who may not be able to make it in-person.  To help out, I will be speaking with and interviewing other moderators and industry professionals delivering the pulse of the conference and insights related to our rapidly evolving industry.  Along with my presentation, I will be moderating one of the round-table discussions and serving as an ambassador for one of our members attending the conference for the first time!  I hope to capture some videos and soundbites from the daily activities and hopefully you will keep up with us here and especially on Twitter – @SpychResearch and our Facebook Fan Page!

Communicate Rejuvenate Celebrate

Communicate Rejuvenate Celebrate


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